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Damascus Steel Pocket Folding Knife Handmade Olive Wood Handle

Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife Handmade Wood Handle Gift for Men


Damascus steel for this blade was created by forge welding multiple layers of steels into a Solid block.   The combination of layered hard and soft steel creates blade flexibility, toughness and produces invisible serrations on the blade that aid cutting.   The spine of the blade is beautifully file worked. Our knives comes with a genuine leather sheath, with a belt loop on one end.

   All our knives are handmade similar to the photo, differences as such as color and patterns of the natural materials used will differ somewhat because these are all natural materials. Every item will be considered as an original because no one item is ever identical to the other, they are handmade and natural materials are never identical.

These knives are handmade and may have minor imperfections & blemishes which makes them unique. 

   This knife is complete with a top quality extra thick leather case. The sheath can be worn on belt.

Care Tips:

To prevent rust here are some tips; do not store knife for long periods in the leather sheath.

Leather pulls moisture from the air and could rust the blade if not stored properly.

After you used your knife wash in soap and water, dry completely. Oil or wax the blade to prevent rust.


Take care when removing product from packaging. 

Keep fingers clear of blades.

Store away from children.

We are not responsible for injuries caused by the use of this item


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